Hi. My name is Adrienne and I hope you are encouraged today and enjoy what you see. A bit about me... I'm a creative > I love to use my hands and I'm adventurous when I'm at my best. I'm passionate about my living out my Freedom Walk with God, Art, nature, and helping others. 

Vision | Purpose | My "Why"


"Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven."


I see women, with me, walking side by side as a united front, moving the Kingdom of God forward, as we walk freely and joyfully in our fingerprint gifts and purpose with dignity, strength, grace, boldness and beauty.


Love God, Love Others as you love yourself.


Share messages of Hope, Truth and Love 


Mission | Call | My "What" & "How"


To inspire and encourage the journey to discover and live out your God-given purpose to be a light in this world by offering:

* Training Workshops/Courses such as the Visionary Adventure Courses

* Leadership Coaching

* Inspirational Art such as Paintings, poetry, and wearable/usable art 

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Passion + Burden = Purpose 

Out of great pain comes great awakening

A willing heart is a heart God can use

You are not here for you

Love and Forgiveness is a moment by moment choice

We live joyfully fulfilled when we walk obediently in our God-given fingerprint gifts and abundantly share them with others

Surrender + Obedience = Freedom

Build your house on the Solid Rock and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it. 

Solid Rock = Cornerstone = The Word of God = Truth = 


Color of Ages text_edited.png

For many years, I battled with fears, insecurities and discouragement. 

Because I understood the power of words, as they had many times broken me and also wonderfully empowered me, I made choices throughout my life to build people up. 

Today, as a Leadership Coach and Fine Artist, I use my passion and burden to encourage others to move forward within their unparalleled God-given gifts for a greater purpose.