Adrienne O'Neill


My paintings and poetry are a gift to tell the journey of living a fulfilled and purposeful life through the pains of refinement and the treasures along the way. I’m passionate about sharing messages of Hope, Truth and Love through my art and am inspired by nature, its colors and textures, Life-giving Words, and encouraging women to discover and live out their God-given purpose through their fingerprint gifts. 

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY to Puerto Rican parents, where my love for nature and the arts began. At age thirteen our family moved to Puerto Rico, where I enjoyed over a decade of my life. Living in my beautiful island and amongst my Puerto Rican heritage, I was further influenced in the visual arts and poetry. Yet, it was my return to NY in 2009, when I committed to answering my “creative call”, sharing my life’s adventures, lived and foreseen through my paintings and writings.

I’ve had the privilege of displaying my work in Puerto Rico and New York, exhibiting two of my collections in two art shows in NY, which I curated and co-curated: “Oaks of Righteousness” in 2017 (solo exhibition) and “Refined” in 2018. The latter brought together a wonderful artist collective to bring forth the message.

In my artwork, I use elements of texture and vivid colors to bring to life the meaning I hope to portray, using mostly oil on canvas and at times mixed media. It encourages me to hear words used to describe my work such as captivating, empowering, and inspiring.

  • I believe that “out of great pain comes great awakening”. This statement depicted the start of my creative journey and follows through still.

  • I believe that “Passion + Burden = Purpose”. I must choose to live this out daily and help others to do the same.

  • I believe that we live joyfully fulfilled when we walk obediently in our God-given fingerprint gifts and abundantly share them with others.

This is our Freedom Walk!

I’d love to know what you see in my paintings, what it means to you, or how it makes you feel. It’s always a joy to receive different insights.