7 Treasures to Overcome Fear

Have you ever been so afraid that you felt stuck or trapped?

So full of fear that you see no way out or nowhere to turn?

I have. I know Fear.

Fear had me stuck for years.

Two fears taunted me.



As a result, enemies of my soul were creeping in like

frustration, self-pity, resentment, and seeds of bitterness.

Fear-of-Failure said to me,

Why are you painting? You’re not good enough. Nobody’s going to like it. Why are you writing and sharing? It is not going to help anyone. Nobody cares.

Who do you think you are?

Fear of Success said,

And if you are good enough, do you really want that responsibility, the pressure?

I saw myself as a wick in the middle of these Two Fears burning on each end and closing in on me. I felt stuck and like my very breathe was being choked out.

The last time Fear came to attack me, he attempted to keep me stuck in the air, so I wouldn’t be able to stand up against him with Truth and walk out in the Freedom Walk that’s in Christ.

As I listened, believed, and acted on what God told me, I became free.

Today, I live a joyful and peaceful life as I continue in my Freedom Walk.

Does Fear try to hold me back again? Of course. That’s his job. But that’s okay because God gave me these Truths and these 7 Treasures that help me overcome Fear daily.

If you are feeling stuck in Fear, Freedom awaits as you believe these Truths and walk in them.

JESUS tells you today

And here are...

My 7 Treasures for Overcoming Fear

Join me this week as I journey with you to dive into each treasure to overcome Fear.

Con mucho amor, I invite you to Be Free from Fear!

And you can begin your freedom steps right now.

Declare: I am free from fear because I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and I choose to walk in His teachings by faith.