The Collections

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

My collections come from messages that God had revealed to me between 2009-2016, as His Word came alive in visuals. This was during a time when I felt like my life’s pages were abruptly torn out, ripped up, and thrown into the air. Yet, during those years, God was birthing in me something new. And on May 4, 2016, seven years worth of messages, along with their visual representations, flooded my thoughts at once and within 30 minutes, I had sketched out the 7 collections that are my life songs.

These collections reflect my personal journey of what was, is and is to come of my pain, purpose, hope, fight, faith, wait, walk, freedom, love, and joy complete. Two of the 7 collections are living and shared...


  • Oaks of Righteousness

  • Refined

I pray that through my art and my story, I can encourage and inspire you

  • To seek JESUS

  • To trust and never give up.

  • To believe that it will all be worth it.

  • To stand confident in who you are in Christ.

  • To enjoy that you are wonderfully designed with every perfect and perfectly messy strand.

  • To give back and bless.

  • To know that your best life journey is God’s will for you, in you, and through you.

  • To live as you've been called.

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