As a Life & Leadership Coach, I help women ~ who are stuck, in a new season, or in need of direction~ discover and live out their purpose. One way is through my Visionary Adventure Course. Another is through my paintings. They depict the milestones in life and share messages to encourage the journey ahead.

"Free" and this phrase, "Freedom Walk" represent walking and living in your life purpose using the "Fingerprint Gifts" God has given you. Walking to the rhythm of that beat, you are joyfully fulfilled.

"Free" explanation


"Free" explicacion en español

Now available for viewing for the last time @

Seeing Voices de Visiones Boricua Art Show by CAfED.

This NYC art show is special to me as it's representing and celebrating artists of Puerto Rican heritage. I'm honored to be part of this art collective. You can sign up for dates and times here.

Check out some of the wonderful artists showcasing their gifts and what inspires them on Monday, June 7th. Here's a taste.

~ Look forward to sharing with you then ~

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