Out of Great Pain Comes Great Awakening

My first awakening came at 15 years old when my parents divorced. We moved from NY to Puerto Rico, and I went from having lots of friends and family around me that I could count on, to feeling alone, out of place, and a huge loss of security. No matter how much love came from my parents and the warmth of mi gente, I still felt the pain of brokenness.

I realized that even though my family had experienced this breaking, this is what God used to separate me from all of my NY friends that would inadvertently try to take the place that only He could fill. At that time, I felt I had no need of Jesus because I had a friend for every situation I went through from sad, to mad, to happy. Then suddenly, I was left without the confidant, without the bug out buddy, without the security of friends, a home, and a church.

One night though, Jesus called me by name, and the night I invited Him into my life was when we became friends. He showed me His faithfulness over and over and over again as I grew up en mi preciosa Isla del Encanto. He provided in miraculous ways. From that moment on, I was awakened to say

God is Faithful Friend.

What is your GOD IS... story? How has He shown His character to you through your pain? Does your story also declare that He is Faithful?

If you are a brave and beautiful woman with a "God is..." story, I want to know. DM/PM me or share here. I'd love to hear your story for His glory. It's time to shine!

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